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Boundary Disputes

Encroaching fences, disputed easements, and whose trees are those, really? Those are just some of the issues on which we assist our clients who find themselves enmeshed in the archaic and confusing realm of property law and boundary disputes. Whether someone can use an existing road or must pay tens of thousands of dollars to build a new road is just one example of the difficult questions we help clients resolve. We will negotiate whenever possible, but we will litigate to the very end when necessary. Questions about your property rights? Call us today.

Real Estate Purchase / Sale Disputes

Buy a house or other real property can be a difficult and stressful ordeal. It is much worse when the deal falls apart, information was withheld, or one party has second thoughts and wants to blame everybody else. Whatever your situation, we can assist you in finding a resolution to what is certainly one of the most significant purchases you will ever make.