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Construction Contractors

CCB Disputes

Receiving a notice of complaint from the CCB can be an intimidating experience. Your license, bond, and most importantly your reputation are all put on the line. Navigating the complaint process is hardly straightforward, and you need an attorney who knows the ropes. Let us worry about defending you before the CCB, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Lien Forclosure

You work hard for your money, you shouldn't have to work hard to actually collect it. Unfortunately, not everybody honors their agreements and you have to take unpleasant steps to get paid. From lien preparation to recording to foreclosing, we can help you get paid. Don't lose out on thousands of dollars because you didn't give a proper notice in time, or failed to foreclose within the very short period allowed by law. Call us today to ensure you get paid tomorrow.

Contract and Form Preparation

Weak or non-existent contracts, improper notices, lack of written change orders. These are some of the leading reasons why contractors lose money, lose lawsuits, lose their reputation. Many contractors are afraid that prospective clients won't hire them if presented with a contract. You should ask yourself, if a client won't hire you because you present an expectation of payment, do you really want that client to begin with? A small investment up front in designing forms and contracts for your business can provide you the peace of mind that should you ever face a CCB complaint or a lawsuit, you will have all of your ducks in a row. Call today to get started.