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Civil Litigation


Contracts are only as good the attorney who represents you when the deal goes sideways. Contract disputes are rarely resolved by simply reading the contract, and you need an attorney who will aggressively pursue or defend your contractual rights. Likewise, you need an attorney who will give you honest and forthright advice when your position requires negotiation and compromise. The biggest mistake clients can make is waiting too long to seek legal advice. At the first whiff of trouble, call us and set your mind at ease with the knowledge that you have a solid legal team backing you.


Not every dispute leads to a lawsuit, but understanding what can happen in a lawsuit allows people to better assess their options when they find themselves involved in a dispute. Whether involving property boundaries, contract interpretation, terms of a sale, or just about anything two people can argue about, we can often provide the guidance and insight that will facilitate a solution, avoid a lawsuit, prevent further deterioration of relationships, and save everybody money. Benjamin Franklin said it best – "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Your ounce of prevention is a phone call away.

Debt Collection

Owed money? If you lent money to someone and are not being repaid, we can help. Particularly in these economic times, not every failure to repay a loan is because a debtor is simply a deadbeat. We also realize that, more often than not, the people to whom you have lent money are friends, family or other good acquaintances, and their failure to repay is stressing your relationship with them. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes an attorney's involvement to get the debtor's attention. Working with you, we can structure an approach to collection that suits your needs – whether it be a collaborative renegotiation of the payment terms, or aggressively pursuing a lawsuit, foreclosure, or other remedy, we can help.


Not everything falls into a neat little category for a website. Sometimes, all you know is you've been sued, or believe you need to file a lawsuit. Our attorneys are experienced civil litigators and are well-versed in the civil justice system. We can advise you first as to your options, and whether a lawsuit is actually the best option. Whether your case requires arbitration or heading straight to court, we are there with you every step of the way. Lawsuits are not easy, they are not cheap, they take a long time, and they rarely leave you feeling good. And although there are no guarantees when a case goes to court, with the right attorneys at your side you can be confident that you will place your best foot forward when it matters.