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City Attorney/Municipal Prosecution

We are here to serve your city's needs from the simplest easements to the prosecution of the most complicated misdemeanor criminal matters. Our team of attorneys are experienced in working with municipalities to secure water rights, litigate DEQ violations, facilitate complicated land use decisions, foreclosures, quiet title actions, as well as work with city staff and council on administrative procedure and parliamentary procedure. Additionally, we have a team of attorneys that are experienced in prosecuting all types of state and municipal crimes, violations, and abatement proceedings. Whether your city is in need of one time assistance for a violation of an MAO between your city and the DEQ or you are in need of a full time prosecutor, we are here to help your city whatever the need.

Civil Forfeiture

We are ready at a moments notice to help aid your police department when it comes to civil forfeiture. Given the restructuring of the civil forfeiture law in Oregon, we believe there is no other firm in a position to respond as quickly and cost effectively as we are.