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It ain't over 'till it's over. Often, the trial phase of a case is just that, a phase. The next step on the long road to justice takes your case to an administrative appeals board, the Oregon Court of Appeals, the Oregon Supreme Court, or the various federal appeals courts. The skills required to successfully manage the appellate aspect of a care are sometimes quite different than those required at the trial level, and not all attorneys are up to the task. Whereas a great trial attorney uses persuasive oratory to convey your message, a great appellate attorney uses persuasive written arguments, supported by solid and complete legal research.

Although you cannot (usually) re-litigate your case at the appellate level, you do have an opportunity to drive home the very specific points that are required for you to prevail. Whether a case is brought to u by a client whose attorney does not handle appeals, or by another attorney who is unfamiliar with the appellate process and its stringent procedural and stylistic requirements, we are here to provide our clients with whatever appellate service they require.

Before drafting any appeal, we will review the trial or hearing record and give you a frank and honest assessment of your likelihood of success on appeal. For some people, there is no sense in throwing good money after bad, and cutting losses is the best approach. But if you are ready to go the distance, so are we.